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The opportunity

Recently, TETRA Industriservice Group have been approached by several potential customers in search for a supplier of custom-design bent metal components, such as steel yacht railings or aluminum frames for kitesurfing


The process

Bending a metal pipe in order to shape a custom-design element.


The experiment’s goals

to automate fully manual production proces,
to prove that with equipment worth 80k euro we are able to perform 400k euro worth task.

The concept of the station

  • „Automated” bending machine
  • „Automated” band saw
  • Laser scanners
  • Light curtains
  • RFID reader
  • Industrial robot arm


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no room for correction (deterioration of material)
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as cheap as possible (improvements of existing, manual machines)
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generic approach

New hardwareintegration

  • the industrial robot The interface will be provided via a dedicated ROS module directly communicating with the FlexBe task supervisor,
  • the bending machine. A middleware client and an appropriate interface will be developed to communicate with the machine,
  • the automated saw machine. An appropriate interface will be developed and connected to a dedicated middleware client,
  • the laser scanners and light curtains that will be connected to the local safety component via PLC interfaces,
  • the RFID readers used for retrieving the part specification from the products database.


  • modelling the manufacturing process in MPMS,
  • configuring the local safety module to use the laser sensors used and to deal with the proposed layout of the work cell,
  • configuring and training the global awareness component to properly recognize faulty situations in the process,
  • development of new middleware clients providing communication between the system and the newly integrated hardware components,
  • modelling the individual tasks, such as the pipe handling, in the FlexBe task supervisor.

HORSE Components to be used

  • MPMS – Modelling of manufacturing proces including:
    - allocation of individual tasks to the agents,
    - exeptions handling.
  • Hybrid Task Supervisor – Responsible for synchronizing the execution by several agents (human, robot, machines),
  • Global Awareness Component – through constant monitoring of crucial production parameters provides ways to deal with unexpected downtimes of production line,
  • Local Safety Guard Component – Detecting intrustions in potentially dangerous zones of the production line,
  • HORSE-ROS Bridge – will be used to connect the robot to the task supervisor and control the robot using ROS,
  • HORSE middleware – connecting all used components.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 680734


Learn moreAbout CMBIT

  • automation integrator with over 10 years of experience,
  • variety of industrial branches like food processing, waste treatment, machining, etc.,
  • Its expertise spreads from electrical installations through automation equipment programming ending up in area of production management including custom build systems.

Learn moreabout Tetra Industriservice

  • equipment producer founded in 1999,
  • cooperated with many companies across the Europe, delivering high quality steel and aluminum assemblies,
  • full production installations in dairy, pharmaceutical and brewery for biggest companies in Europe.

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